The restaurant Baran-Rapan — is a fundamentally new and unique institution in the Olympic capital of Russia. Opening of this conceptual premium place took place in December 2014.

The name of the restaurant

It reflects the specifics of the cuisine, combining two cultural and gastronomic traditions. Baran (lamb) – means products of the mountains: the meat, herbs – Caucasian gastronomic tradition and Rapan (conch shell) – means the Black Sea’s fish and seafood.


The restaurant with an eclectic cuisine that specializes in dishes of meat, fish and seafood that are delivered exclusively from local farms. Alpine herbs that are grown in Krasnaya Poliana, Abkhazian spices, fruits and vegetables, juicy Caucasian meat and Black Sea fish.

The menu takes into account global trends, but at the same time, it is created solely on traditional local products.


The interior of the restaurant was created by renowned Moscow architect Maria Zhukova. It is based on the eclecticism of mountains and sea, with elements of stone, wood and metal.

The restaurant is on 2 levels, it has a summer terrace and the VIP-hall. It is possible accommodate groups of up to 180 people.

The first floor has a kitchen - and a stage with professional music equipment.

The connecting element of the interior is a spiral staircase in the form of conch shell.

On the second floor is a cozy hall with an open barbecue, a bar and a winery area.

Wine list

The wine list is a real guide to the Old and New World, which offers several exclusive brands of wines to try, that cannot be found in any other institution of Sochi. For example, you can enjoy one of the brightest and truly terroir Chianti Classico Castello di Ama or you can taste classic example of German Eisweine Riesling Gunderloch or finally have time to touch one of the best examples of Brunello di Montalcino - exclusive biodynamic wine Riserva Soldera (2000), which is not produced since 2007.

Bar menu

Bar menu is represented by a rich selection of spirits, homemade lemonades and cocktails currently in oak barrels, in the author's submission of the chief bartender of the restaurant Alexander Mayurov. Collection of whiskey has about 35 varieties of single malt scotch. The pride of the restaurant - part of the limited edition Glenmorangie Compantasinglemalt Scotch whisky, that was aged in barrels out of the red Burgundy and red dessert wine from the Rhone Valley. This whiskey has been allocated a total of 30 bottles to Russia, and five of them ended up in the restaurant Baran- Rapan in Sochi.

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